Cost to Live in Playa del Carmen (Mexico)

I’d heard about Playa del Carmen when we visited Mexico back in 2012 but we never made it there back then. I had also read quite a bit about Playa del Carmen while researching round–the–world travel. The seaside Mexican town had come up quite a few times as a base for long-term travellers.

So, when we decided to head to Mexico to relax after a few hectic months on the road through Asia, Europe and Morocco – Playa del Carmen seemed like an ideal place to rest up.

Cost to live in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen does get mixed reviews – it is a vacation hotspot and 5th Avenue is very busy and touristy. However, once away from that main area it’s a quaint Mexico seaside town with lots of choices. It’s possible to have a good lifestyle at a very affordable price.

We really enjoyed our stay in Playa del Carmen, when we spent 61 days in Playa del Carmen during June, July and August. We found Playa del Carmen to be an affordable place to live as long-term travellers and a great base for exploring Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

Here are our cost for apartment rentals, food and other expenses for two months in Playa del Carmen, Mexico:

Playa del Carmen Apartments

I’d read that other travellers had gone through real estate agents to find long-term rentals in Playa del Carmen. Or the other option was to have walked around town to see what was available (there are lots of sign for apartment rentals around town).

But by the time we got to Playa del Carmen — after months of travel and being indecisive about exactly how long we’d stay — we were happy to take our chances and get a reasonably priced apartment rental online.

We initially rented a room for 3 nights through Airbnb before moving to an apartment we found on Flipkey. This was our first time using Trip Advisor’s accommodation site, we didn’t have a problem booking through Flipkey but do find the website has a few glitches.

We rented two different apartments in the same complex on Calle 28 between Avenida 25 and 30. Calle 28 is a great central location in Playa del Carmen.

Cost to live in Playa del Carmen

The first apartment was a one bedroom with a bathroom, basic kitchen and private patio area and the second apartment was a studio, with a bathroom, basic kitchen and a large terrace.

Both apartments weren’t fancy but had air-conditioning, internet and were clean, safe, and had everything we needed. We didn’t need to buy cooking equipment or bedding.

The two months (61 nights) apartment rentals came to a total of:

  • USD$1224 or USD$612 per month.

We do think that this approach worked out well for us and the cost was reasonable.

Other Costs

We mainly cooked for ourselves and this helped to keep our other expenses down to USD$1060.73 for the two months. This amount included:

  •  eating out a couple of times a week
  • groceries (we mostly shopped at the Mega Supermarket due to it being close by)
  • transport costs (ADO bus) from Cancun (otherwise we walked around town)
  • laundry service about once a week
  • water (tap water is not drinkable in Mexico).

USD$2,116.51 or USD$34.69 per day for two people.

Cost to live in Playa del Carmen

The biggest travel lesson learned from our two months living in Playa del Carmen is that slow travel can be very affordable. I know it’s been discussed many times before but my experience in slow travel in Playa del Carmen has definitely reinforced this.

We hope our Playa del Carmen living costs assists you with your travel planning.

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