Hi and Welcome to Travel World Freedom!

Travel World Freedom was created to help you with with all those big and small questions about traveling:

  • what’s the best way to get there? 
  • when’s the best time to go?
  • what’s the best things to do there?
  • best accommodation recommendations 
  • restaurant recommendations, specifically for gluten free and vegetarian options 

Travel World Freedom answers these questions for travel destinations all over the world, promoting independent travel at reasonable costs. 

I’m Ann and Travel World Freedom is my passion project. It’s where I get to share all the useful insights and tidbits from my travels. It’s basically the information that I’m looking for then researching my next travel destination. 

I’ve been travelling for about the last 20 years and haven been to over 40 countries, many multiple times. Especially my favorites like India, Mexico, Australia and Indonesia. 

Travel is my passion and I love to share all the useful information I’ve picked up to take your travels that much easier and enjoyable. 


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